Mamta Banerjee’s “Quit India” parallel to the fight against PM Narendra Modi

As a seven-phase election Trinamool is in the fray for close and significant seats of Congress. Between Mamta Banerjee and PM Modi, the war of words has increased.


Kolkata: Seventeen seats in Bengal to cast vote, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday raised her attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he is running a “fascist government”, which has disturbed the people. Attracting a similarity between his fight against BJP and Mahatma Gandhi’s campaign against the British, he said, “Someone has to lend a cat. In 1942, the Quit India Movement was launched against the British, we now have a Fascists are fighting to get out. Modi from power “
Ms. Banerjee said at a rally in Deborah, Debnapur, “There is an emergency situation like this in the country. Nobody can talk in public because they are afraid of him … stop this fascism and terror.”

In the elections of the seven phases, there is drawing for a close and important seat in the Trinamool Congress stronghold, the battle between words between Ms. Banerjee and PM Modi has increased.

This is the second time this week when Chief Minister attacked PM Modi.


His resentment yesterday – that he would like to give the Prime Minister a “slap of democracy” – has condemned it.

This was inspired by PM Modi equally for a rigid attack. In his last rally in Bengal, PM Modi talked about being referred to as “Triple T-Trinimul of Bengal, Tobabaji, Tax”. “Tolabazi” is a near-derogatory term used to describe organized forced recovery in Bengali – which insulted Mamta Banerjee.

His counterpart had reprimanded Union Minister Sushma Swaraj, who is not contesting on the basis of health.

“Mamtaji, you crossed all the limits today, you are the Chief Minister of a state and Modi is the Prime Minister of the country, you will have to talk to him tomorrow, that is why I would like to remind you a couple written by Bashir Badr.” You want everyone to be angry, but this is the only request from me, I do not feel ashamed when we have to be friends again someday, “he tweeted.

The BJP, which is currently two out of 42 seats in the state, is out of 23. The campaign has been one of the most bitter and polarized states that the state has seen.

With just two more steps, the BJP is pressurizing the Trinamool Congress, the Prime Minister and the party chief Amit Shah in the state have set the schedule for six rallies.

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